Choki Lindberg

A photograph of a room. The light is delicate, the door is open. There are traces in the details, tiny fragments of a story. The moment lingers, questions form.. 


The photographs in the series 'Interiors' appear at first glance to be images of settings chosen for their aesthetic appeal. There is, however, something unsettling and surreal about each image that entices us to spend time looking closer at the detail of the work and, as we do so, its artifice begins to unravel. Details and textures suddenly appear warped, leading us to question other elements of the scene, and ultimately revealing the images to be intricate constructions; What we see are in fact meticulously crafted small-scale sets.

Chosen by Lindberg for their often highly personal content, these moments are re-constructed with careful attention to lighting, textures, colours and details - not as they were, but as she remembers them. We sense this privateness, and only little is revealed – leaving us to associate freely. As such, commenting on the subjective nature of perception and memory, and playing with the notions of photography’s (in)ability to represent reality.


 “I am interested in how we perceive things. How the mind condenses things, or alters, stretches, omits and invents. The suggestive nature of photography has always been intriguing to me, the mystery of not knowing what went before, or what comes after, gives the story infinite different directions in which to go…

In 2004 I made a small scale replica of my apartment inside a cardboard moving box. I photographed it, and added myself to the image in post. The resulting photos where a bit naïve, and the model quite crude, but it triggered something joyous in me, and I became really fascinated by creating within this new ‘condensed reality’.

This developed into the medium I work with today, and though the models have become more elaborate and the themes of the series vary slightly, they all come from this starting point.”


Choki Lindberg (1979) is a graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s (Amsterdam) audio-visual department (2006) With an early interest in Photography she attended Fatamorgana in Copenhagen (1998), and International Center of Photography, New York (1998-99). Her work has been exhibited in Amsterdam and New York. In addition to her autonomous work she has been commissioned to work on a range of commercial projects from fashion look books to websites, advertising and set designs.